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Privacy Window: The Kitchen

The privacy window I made during the bathroom mini-renovation last year (you can see that project here) has held up remarkably well. I worried a bit about peeling issues due to humidity levels inherent to bathrooms. But its stickiness hasn’t changed a bit since the day it was painstakingly applied. And, because we know that privacy and tons of natural light are not mutually exclusive, I decided to use this method again. This time I chose a simpler geometric pattern for a kitchen window that faces my driveway.

Close Up Privacy Window

So, I wish I had taken a picture of this window from the outside at night. I didn’t, I sort of regret it, but mostly I don’t because it’s pretty easy to imagine the situation: Everything in the kitchen, including me wandering about while rummaging for a midnight snack is super visible through this window which is situated at eye level. Additionally, this window has a strange lack of trim on the right side due to the pantry wall, rendering sheer curtains impractical.

Window before

To start, I printed the shape on card stock and took some basic measurements so I had an idea as to how many hexagons I was going to need to trace, cut out and apply. Then, I cut my template hexagon and settled in for a few hours of arts, crafts and documentaries, specifically Gasland 2 and About Face: Supermodels Then and Now. I know the latter is less important, but I found it more entertaining.

Tracing Shapes

I used the same Con-Tact clear matte paper as before, which you can buy here.

Contact Paper

After cleaning the window thoroughly with my homemade glass cleaner, I started applying the hexagons. I started in the left corner and worked my way both right and down rather than straight up and down or side to side. This made it easier to make slight adjustments if the design started to look a little wonky. $5 and a few hours later, the project was complete and it was dark out. But, as you can see the initial goal was met. You really can’t see much of anything in there.

privacy window DIY

Here’s the window from the inside on the following morning.

Privacy Window

For a bit more detailed step-by-step explanation of creating a privacy window, feel free to refer to this post.

Have you done this project in your house, know of a great pattern you’d like to try or have a neat way of upping the privacy without diminishing the light? I’d love to see your work and hear from you!

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  1. This project would be great for a sidelight

    July 30, 2014
  2. Absolutely! A far less expensive alternative to something like stained glass and you’d still be able to easily see who you’re about to greet.

    July 31, 2014

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