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Update: A new coffee table

As promised in yesterday’s post, “A new coffee table! Sort of…” my new-ish coffee table is upright, in place and the glass seems really secure. The beauty of designing this little space is that the display case opens and closes easily, the contents within are by no means permanent, which is sort of liberating. I love creating vignettes throughout the house, but I sometimes agonize over decisions because I once I design a space I feel like should stay that way, at least for a little while. But, the display case can be ever-evolving – like a mini-gallery, and I like that.

I used some really neat graphic art supplies and drafting sets that my Dad and Granddad used when they worked at the Newport News shipyard.  This arts and design theme is a great reminder to stay creative.

{Off to a good start, but instead of covering the wood bottom with fabric, I’m looking for some antique blueprints.}

{the view of the table as you walk into the room}

{on top of the books there’s an Italian door-knocker & on the top-right, my Dad’s lettering set}

{my Granddad’s 100-year-old drafting set}

{books – both antique and educational, a “thinner dispenser” & a canister found at a flea market a few years back}

{hurricane glass &  the doorknobs we’ve been holding onto until there’s time to re-finish our doors}

I already owned everything used in the display, so this whole project was under $90. $75 for the table around $10 for the glue and nails needed to repair it. Display tables are a wonderful way of adding something a little more personal to your decor and it was really fun seeing all of these items, rather than just keeping them in a cardboard box.

Another coffee table display case that I like was featured on Martha Stewart’s show a few months ago. I love the hairpin table legs and the printer trays are perfect for displaying a rock, shell, coin, or even jewelry collection.

And, if you’re especially handy, This Old House has a great tutorial on making this display table.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful functional furniture and display piece. You should be proud of your efforts! 🙂

    June 5, 2012
    • Hi there! Thanks so much for the kind comment, and this coffee table was definitely worth the wait.

      June 7, 2012
  2. Bill S #

    I have looked everywhere for a table like this!!!! I want it!!!!! You state it is a new coffee table, “sort of” so it seems that this was already a table of some kind and was not built from scratch. How can I acquire one? Any advice would be appreciated!

    January 22, 2017
    • Hi Bill! My only advice would be to move quickly on any leads. I looked on Craig’s List for months and months. Then, one day this beaut was posted by a consignment store that sold primarily clothing. I had set up an alert so I knew the second a “glass” and “wood” “coffee table” posted. I called to tell them I’d buy it and drove right there. By the time I got there, a dozen people had already called about it. Happy hunting!

      May 25, 2017
  3. Connie V. #

    I’m in love with this table! Would you be willing to share the dimensions? Perhaps I could try to make a similar one from reclaimed pallet wood…

    May 26, 2017
    • Hi Connie –

      I’m so sorry for my delay! Unfortunately, I had to pack up this table last year while we were babyproofing for our son. Now, the table is in storage and I can’t get to it to measure for dimensions. We are planning on reorganizing the basement in the near future so as soon as I can get to it, I’ll measure it and post it here. If you’ve already managed to build your coffee table – I’d love to see it!

      December 6, 2017

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