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A Simple Dry Erase Countdown

Recently, I surprised my husband for this birthday with a trip to Europe this September. I cannot express how happy I am that we each have extra savings accounts – I’ve been putting $10 a week aside for three years and I am so excited to use it for this adventure. Maybe you’re doing the math in your head right now and maybe you’re not, but I’ll make it easy on you and just say that this extra savings account covers our tickets, but not everything else. That’s where this little countdown project comes in. Having a visual representation of our upcoming trip will certainly help my lazy side that thinks as she saunters into kitchen, Cook? Nah, let’s order take-out or I’ll pick up coffee on the way instead decide to brew a pot and take a longer look in the pantry.

Dry Erase Countdown

The first stop we’re making on our trip is Istanbul, so I searched for a fun image and found this great one at Wanderarti.

Istanbul Art

Then, I gathered the rest of the necessary items.

Supplies for Dry Erase Countdown

After taking apart the frame, I traced the matting around the print so it was centered.

Istanbul Art


Next, I remembered how much I dislike scissors and got out my Fiskars cutting board.

Fiskars Cutting Tool

A quick framing just about completes this little project.

Framed Istanbul



The white matte is a clean space to write and the glass is the perfect dry erase surface. The whole project took 10 minutes and because I had the frame lying around, I enjoyed the added bonus of this costing zero dollars. Now, it sits right next to the coffee pot so we’re sure to think of the trip everyday, get excited, and save all the extra cash we can!

Countdown at the Coffee Pot

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  1. Wonderful website, thank You !!

    November 6, 2014

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