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Make Your Own: Lotion Bars {lavender + peppermint}

I like Cetaphil and coconut oil as much as the next person. But, I don’t like chemicals in my hand cream, I dislike buying non-recyclable plastic tubes, and toting coconut oil around town when it goes from solid to liquid with a warm breeze is flirting with disaster. So, lotion bars seemed like a no-brainer to add to my ever-growing inventory of homemade beauty products.

lavender and peppermint lotion

I chose lavender as my primary scent, classic and soothing, something perfect for slathering on before bed. And, I made peppermint bars for my husband, he’s a Dr. Bronner’s guy, so minty scents are right up his alley. He only got two bars though as he’s an infrequent lotion user.

Next time, I plan on making a couple bars with tea tree oil, both for the clean smell and its antiseptic qualities.

shea butter, coconut oil, bees wax

Gathering ingredients wasn’t tough, because I already had everything except for the beeswax from making deodorant.

measured ingredients for lotion bars

For 12 little bars, it’s 1 cup of shea butter, 1 cup of beeswax and 1/2 cup of coconut oil.

lotion bar double boiler

Then, make quick use of an impromptu double boiler.

liquid lotion bar

Around 10 minutes later, after pretty consistent stirring, you end up with a yellowish clear liquid. At this point, if you’re making a batch with just one scent, you can add your essential oils. I just added a few drops to individual bars to test scent strength and make the peppermint bars.

lotion bars in cupcake tins

It doesn’t seem to make a difference between five drops and 10 when it comes to how strong the lavender scent is at first use or how long the scent stays on your skin.

lavender and peppermint lotion bars

I let them sit for an hour and they were totally firmed up. I found a little metal container to hold my cupcake sized lotion bar, but I’m looking for something more convenient, like a large twisting lip balm/lipstick container.

It takes about a month for me to get through one of these bars and my extras are stored safely in my freezer for later use. For the next batch, I’ll go a little lighter on the shea butter, because right now it’s a very thick hand cream. I’ll report back with lighter lotion recipes.

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