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Crunchy Spicy Kale Chips

My crunchy snack standbys are almonds and sriracha smattered popcorn. They are permanent fixtures on my snack time menu. But, every so often you have to shake things up, so I’ve decided to give kale chips a slot in the rotation.

Psst: I don’t know if you guys have heard, but I think this kale stuff is going to be pretty popular, call it a hunch.


I found this recipe, and mostly stuck with it. Aside from adding a jalapeno. Oh, and I doubled, possibly tripled the garlic, but that’s standard cooking procedure in this household.

Kale chip ingredients

Blending the greens with the onions, spices, peppers was an absolute breeze in my NutriBullet, which rivals the pink Barbie Jeep of my youth as my most adored Christmas present.

Blended Kale spread

After your veggies and spices are blended and ready to coat your kale, clean your kale leaves and tear them into slightly larger chips than you want (they’ll shrink).

bunches of kale

Prepare your mini-assembly line.

olive oil and kale

Then, cover your kale with a little olive oil before tossing the leaves in your green mix.

cleaning kale

Spread your soon-to-be chips on baking sheets. My first batch took four sheets, my second only two. The second batch definitely resulted in a spicier chip, so it’s a matter of preference.

Baking Kale Chips

If you have extra green stuff, you can attempt a snack within a snack.  We made these fantastic little treats with avocado, sardines, cherry tomatoes and rice crackers.

Sardine Snack

Back to the original snack, two hours at 200° and you’ve got chips.

Baked Kale Chips

They aren’t likely to win any beauty pageants, but they make for a super satisfying crunchy afternoon snack.

Baked Kale Chips

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