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A weekend spent digging holes {the story of a fence}

This past weekend my father and my husband installed a fence at the back of our property. I’m not great at digging holes or carrying heavy things so I sat this one out and instead fed them à la The Pioneer Woman. Regardless of my actual contribution, I’m thrilled to have the fence so I wanted to share their work. Also worth sharing, a meal from this weekend, a fantastically delicious and simple paleo lasagna (link to original recipe below).

Fence Supplies

{Materials from one of three, maybe four supply runs.}

Fence in progress

{65′ of fencing.}

Measuring Posts

{Don’t let this picture fool you. It’s the only work I did}

fence post installation

{Fence posts installed, after they dug three feet into the ground AKA a grass covered pile of roots and rocks.}

Spaghetti squash and ground turkey lasagna

And, here’s the recipe I was talking about. It’s basically meat, sauce and spaghetti squash baked together – really tasty. And filling, even filling to two guys who’ve been working out in 35º weather for 9 hours. You can find it on I made a few changes, namely I used ground turkey that I seasoned quite a bit instead of sausage because it’s what I had on hand. An added bonus, I got to use my sweet estate sale find, a $1 Le Creuset dish, for the first time – ’twas awesome.

Dog-eared fence

The final fence! Mostly. The posts still need to be trimmed and I’ll stain it as soon as weather permits.

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