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A little lippy

After going to my annual mole check at my dermatologist’s office I thought it only appropriate to go to my local beauty store and re-up on my 30 spf daily facial moisturizer. Complete no-brainer, I walk to my tried and true cream, grab it from the shelf and start making my way to check out. Then, I gaze over toward cosmetics and I am reminded of the many battles fought and subsequently, lost in the lipstick aisle. Maybe it was the urgency of my dry lips from these cold winter days or maybe I was feeling really confident because all my moles were given the okay (Get an annual mole check!), but this time, I decided I would find both a bright lipstick and a nude lipstick, forever breaking free from being a tinted balm only kind of girl.

Lipstick Queen - Scarlet red     Benefit Wing woman

The other big issue I face when buying lipstick is my strong aversion to using the testers…yuckTurns out that all I had to do was beg an associate for a tutorial in proper sanitization and then allow her to arm me with a spray bottle of alcohol, q-tips and tissues to sterilize the testers. Seeing what the lipstick actually looks like on my face made it immeasurably easier to pick the right one…go figure.

Here’s my new everyday kind of color:

Benefit Wing woman

{Benefit, Wing Woman}


And, for days when I’m feeling just a tad more bold. Or, when I don’t feel like doing any eye makeup whatsoever:

Lipstick Queen - Scarlet red

{Lipstick Queen, Scarlet Red}

A brief side note: I’m not paid to endorse these brands and I’ll always disclose any relationship I have with a company. For example, if you chose to buy the Scarlet Red lipstick through the link I provided above, I would receive a small percentage of the sale. If you decided that you wanted to make it the official lipstick shade of your cheer squad, book club, or circle of friends (maybe you’re really bossy that way – I’m not judging you) and bought 30 tubes of lipstick through the link shown above, then I’d receive a percentage of all those sales – neat, huh?

Happy weekend!



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  1. Heidie Makes #

    I love the lipstick queen one! 🙂

    November 21, 2014
    • Thanks Heidie, me too! 😄 It’s the first bright lip color that I’ve felt super confident wearing.

      November 21, 2014

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