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Succulent Centerpiece

I love having flowers in the house, but buying bouquets week after week really adds up. So, I’ve gone a different route while still enjoying a bright and natural centerpiece.

Close up cactus

While I was at Lowe’s getting supplies for our vegetable garden over the weekend, I picked up a few succulents, a cactus and a dish. Each container was around $3.50, totaling $17.50 and the dish was $10. This morning, I gathered all the plants and went out to the patio for assembly.

What you'll need for a succulent garden

Step 1: Provide drainage. I used stones leftover from a bamboo plant I had years ago.

Stones for drainage

Step 2: Add soil. I used a mix of homemade compost, peat moss and dirt.


Step 3: Plant bigger succulents first. This allows you the flexibility to fill the dish in with the smaller plants as you go.

First few plants

Step 4: Finish planting. After a little more digging around and steering clear of the cactus, I finished the centerpiece in about 20 minutes.

At the table

I love this new centerpiece. And, I’ve got the added benefit of not having to move a flower filled vase every time we sit down to eat because we can’t see one another from across the table. Plus, this semi-permanent centerpiece was the same cost as just three weeks of flowers.

Table set

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  1. Gretchen #

    I bet I couldn’t kill THAT 🙂

    June 11, 2013
    • Ha! I’m thinking I could completely neglect this and it’ll make it. My parents have a potted cactus in their yard that freezes every year…15 years later, it still flowers. It’s crazy!

      June 11, 2013

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