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Simple & Sparkling

With the onslaught of holidays approaching, it can be a little daunting to think of all the decor, dinners, presents, and parties. So, I thought I’d start off with something simple to get me into the first of many holiday mini-projects. And, it doesn’t get much simpler than a girl with some gourds, glue and glitter.

Halloween Centerpiece

{simple & sparkling}


{petite pumpkins}

{black glitterglitter glue + paintbrushes of various sizes}

Side note: I like using Styrofoam squares meant for floral arrangements to store paintbrushes, colored pencils and knitting needles.


The process is simple, use your paintbrushes to apply the glue in a pattern of your preference and douse with glitter! Newspaper and paper plates are very useful when it comes to eliminating glitter waste.



This mini-project took two hours and $8 to create. And, I’m expecting this centerpiece to last longer than our Halloween candy stash!

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