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Another easy reupholstery.

I found this piano bench at my local consignment shop, Phantastic Phinds, for $15. It had been sitting there for a couple of months, which is hard to believe because  there are so many nice details in the wood. I like this piece because it’s a multi-tasker – extra seating when we have people over, a foot stool when we don’t, and with a tray on top it makes a nice side table.

Piano bench, before

Reupholstering this bench was so simple. It took 15 minutes and $4.

Piano bench

The cushion came off of the frame very easily. It was just secured by four screws, one in each corner.

bench frame

I cut the fabric several inches larger than the cushion. Then, I placed it on the cushion, made sure the pattern was straight and started stapling. Because the cushion was pretty worn, I stapled the new fabric directly on top of the old fabric.

Finished piano bench

This bright fabric really gave this piece new life. I may still paint the wood frame a bright white with an enamel finish to give it a more modern look.

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