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Merhaba! {Traveling Istanbul}

If you’ve read my last post, Turkish de Light, then you already know that I was in Istanbul last month. It was such a vibrant city; fantastic sights, ridiculously good food (though I’ll admit, a little tough when you’re gluten-free), and incredibly friendly people. Here are a few photographs highlighting the aforementioned attributes of this ancient city.

Metropolis Hostel Terrace 2014 So Pretty is as Pretty Does

(overlooking the Bosphorus in the morning}


Breakfasts at our hostel were the absolute perfect way to start the day. We rented a private room at the Metropolis Hostel, the cost of which included breakfast on a rooftop terrace overlooking the Bosphorus. That terrace was the perfect place to hear fellow guests’ stories of their backpacking adventures and ezan (the calls to prayer) bouncing back and forth to different mosques.

Metropolis Hostel Breakfast 2014 So Pretty is as Pretty Does

{breakfast consisting of sliced of cucumber, tomato, watermelon, and cubes of cheese alongside hard boiled eggs}

Streets of Sultanahmet 2014 So Pretty is as Pretty Does

{the streets of Sultanahmet}

Fortune Telling Rabbit 2014 So Pretty is as Pretty Does

{one of the many street vendors, but only one of two fortune telling rabbit handlers}

Mosaic Glass Wall 2014 So Pretty is as Pretty Does

{among all of the beautiful old buildings and mosques, there was a ton of more current art and street installations. This reminded me of some of Philadelphia’s mosaic art}

Pedestrian traffic at the Egyptian Bazaar 2014 So Pretty is as Pretty Does

{I’m comfortable in knowing that I explored the number of bazaars I feel is appropriate for one (or six) trips to Istanbul. We traversed through the the Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Egyptian Bazaar and Arasta Bazaar. Though my favorite was Arasta, then Spice; this picture was taken at the Egpytian.}

Basilica Cistern Columns 2014 So Pretty is as Pretty Does{a very small area of the Basilica Cistern, constructed in the 6th century, nearly the whole of Sultanahmet sits atop these caverns} Medusa's Head, Basilica Cistern 2014 So Pretty is as Pretty Does

{One of two Medusa heads used as structural stones in the cisterns, this one lying sideways. There’s all sorts of lore regarding the use of these heads, but I think they were probably just using the building materials they had around them. – Completely unsubstantiated non-historian’s opinion.}IMG_0721{coffee breaks}

Speaking of coffee, one of the other souvenirs I picked up in Istanbul was a Turkish coffee pot. As soon as I figure out how to make a decent cup, I’ll be sure to share it on here.

So, I’m not really showcasing the most iconic images of Istanbul. Trust me, we took loads of pictures of giant buildings, loads! But, there are so many professional photographs of the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, etc. available online I didn’t need to add to it…except for these.

People waiting outside the New Mosque 2014 So Pretty is a Pretty Does

{waiting outside of the new mosque}New Mosque 2014 So Pretty is as Pretty Does{it’s worth mentioning that this was built in 1597}

Exit of the New Mosque 2014 So Pretty is as Pretty Does

{leaving the mosque meant getting my shoes back on and loosening my headscarf}

 Stones outside of Topkapi Palace 2014 So Pretty is as Pretty Does{outside of Topkapi Palace, the alleys were full of old pieces of marble and granite sculptures} Vendor carrying wares 2014 So Pretty is as Pretty Does

{the primary method of getting tourist goods around town}Fishermen on the Galata Bridge

{fisherman along the Galata bridge}Adam on the Bosphorus 2014 So Pretty is as Pretty Does

{a shot of the best travel companion a girl could ask for as we were crossing from Europe to Asia} Ferry from Europe to Asia 2014 So Pretty is as Pretty Does

{fellow cross-continental travelers}Security guard with cats

{one of my favorite nights involved street food, a bench and watching this security guard tend to this family of stray cats}Streets of Istanbul 2014 So Pretty is as Pretty Does

{street traffic}Treats from the Spice Bazaar

{an insanely delicious walnut stuffed fig, as soon as I find the right recipe to replicate this, I will share it here}View from the terrace

{alleyways and rooftops}

Can’t wait to go back.

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  1. Beautiful photos, Shannon!

    October 14, 2014
    • Thank you! It’s the very pared-down version of the slideshow you got to sit through 🙂

      October 14, 2014

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