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Banana Breakfast Obsession

I saw the recipe on Pinterest over the weekend and I’ve made it twice since then, a clear indicator that I should share. The original recipe is for “fried” bananas as a sweet treat,  but I add some protein and fat to make a perfect Fall breakfast.

bananas, walnuts and greek yogurt breakfast

A breakfast that takes less than five minutes and completely satisfies my sweet tooth. Start by slicing a banana and dropping the slices into a pan.Then, drizzle and douse with honey and cinnamon, respectively.

Bananas with honey and cinnamon

After a couple of minutes, use a small spatula and turn the banana slices to sear the other side.Flipped Bananas

Next, add a handful of chopped walnuts for nutritional value and added crunch.

Adding Chopped Walnuts

After a minute or two more, transfer to a plate with ~1/2 cup of greek yogurt.Final Plate - Bananas and greek yogurt

Seriously. So simple and delicious.

Check out the original recipe from The Crohn’s Journey Foundation here.

Happy Monday.

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