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The five minute autumn wreath

Whew, it’s been a busy November! Full of new endeavors, like pursuing my real estate license, and new projects both here at home and the mountain house. Due to the long-term nature of these projects (painting the exterior of my house, winterizing the mountain house), I don’t know how many will turn into great blog posts, we’ll just have to wait and see. But, I definitely want to share this incredibly simple and inexpensive semi-DIY holiday wreath.

up close autumn wreath


It started with a quick trip to Michael’s, where I picked up an 18″ grapevine wreath.

Grapevine wreath

 And a glittery-leaf sprig from their holiday faux-floral department.

glittered sprig

Then, I removed each little twig of glittered leaves from the main branch with a pair of scissors and wove the twigs into the grapevine wreath.

the five minute autumn wreath five minute autumn wreath

This wreath is great outdoor decor for that time between Halloween and Christmas. And, it will likely reappear after Christmas to brighten up those sometimes bleak winter months after New Year’s.

Sidenote: if you’d like to make this project even less expensive, here are some Micheal’s coupons (they expire on the 23rd).

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