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Red Wine Stain {DIY Removal}

As a rule, I try to avoid commercial cleaners, particularly ones that contain fragrances and/or dyes. They make my skin itchy, they aren’t well-regulated by the FDA, and I just don’t really trust them. If I spill something, I typically take care of it right away so there isn’t time for a stain to set. However, this was not case when I unwittingly spilled red wine on one of my favorite lounging-around-the-house cardigans last week. On the bright side, it gave me a chance to test a stain removal method using common household products.

Red wine stain

 Here’s the method in question:

Red wine stain removal.

The garment:

Gray and white cardigan

Step One: Grab the hydrogen peroxide.

hydrogen peroxide from Target

Step Two: Grab the dish soap.

Palmolive Dish SoapStep Three: Mix them up.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Dish Soap

Step Four: Dab onto fabric.

Solution on the stain

Step Five: Let it soak for a few minutes.

Solution on stain

Step Six: Rinse with cool water.
Red wine stain removed

Success! The red wine stain came out incredibly easily, which I found especially impressive since it was a week old. And, while my younger self is thoroughly embarrassed that tough stain removal impresses me enough to warrant exclamation point usage, my present self is legitimately looking forward to lounging in my stain free cardigan in the very near future.

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