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The Apache Trail {in photographs}

During my trip to Arizona earlier this month, one of my favorite days was spent driving the Apache Trail. It’s one of America’s historic byways and absolutely breathtaking.

Apache Lake

{the completely spectacular blue-green color of Apache Lake}

no pavement

{ah, so this is why it takes 4 1/2 hours to travel 40 miles}

cactus flower

{a cactus flower along the way}

a little tired, maybe

{hiking one of the trails}

the sun

{a beautiful bright day}

Upclose thorns

{desert plant life}

Dollar Wall at restaurant on Apache Trail

{the walls of the restaurant on the trail}

landscape{typical landscape}


{one of the five or so one-way bridges on the trail with saguaros overlooking}

flowering thorn tree

{more plant life about to bloom}

Roosevelt Dam

{after 22 miles of gravel you come around a bend to see the Roosevelt Dam. I love the little carved out building near the water}

suspension bridge

{at the very end of the trail, a suspension bridge over Roosevelt Lake}

Happy weekend!

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