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best things {in May}


sugar skull art

Sugar skulls. I bought this canvas print, Dia de Los Muertos Girl, from Gargoyle Canvas at the Downtown Chandler Art Walk. But, you can also visit their etsy shop.


Essie Maximillian Strasse Her. I love this polish; a great neutral tone that stays on for two weeks.

gift {for children}

froebel_blocks Froebel Prairie House Blocks. After visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s house in Arizona, I was reminded again of these blocks. Wright and others, like Buckminster Fuller and Albert Einstein played with these blocks as children.



This stuff is absolutely delicious. More protein and less calories and fat than ice cream.



Boxee TV. Well, this one might be one of the best things but, I’m not sure yet – it was just delivered yesterday. We’re getting rid of cable and I’m hoping that this + Hulu through the Xbox will give us plenty of viewing options. I’ll post about my Boxee experience in a few weeks.


Organic 100%  Argan Oil as a nighttime facial moisturizer.

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