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poblano turkey burgers + black bean & corn salad

It was a fantastic coincidence that it was Arizona’s restaurant week during our visit. As a result, we ate tons of different food in Scottsdale – so much of it was amazing (if you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know this). But, it’s no coincidence that since my return to the east coast, I’ve been craving southwest food in a big way. So last night I recreated some of the flavors I was already missing with roasted poblano turkey burgers and a black bean and corn salad.

My plate

I started with the salad because it needs to sit for 15 minutes prior to digging in.  It was so simple and perfectly flavored.

black beans rinsed


green pepper

red onion


Then, mix it up.

corn and bean salad

The burgers came next. Containing Pepper Jack cheese, red onion and roasted poblano peppers they had a fantastic smokey and spicy taste.

turkey burgers on the grill

Toppings included tomato, avocado, roasted poblano, red onion and lettuce. I normally wouldn’t be too excited about lettuce, but these leaves came straight from my garden.

southwest meal

fresh lettuce

A really satisfying dinner.

My plate

The original recipe for the black bean and corn salad can be found here.

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  1. lizzie313 #

    That looks so delicious now I’m hungry for them at 9am!

    May 31, 2013

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