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Denim Do Over

My husband does a lot of work around the house and yard, so much so that I think all but two or three pairs are either ripped, stained or worn so thinly that they may as well be jeggings. Today, I took some time to mend one of very ripped pair of jeans.


{almost certainly destined to jort-dom}

 I read a great tutorial highlighting a few different repair methods on  The Happy Housewife before opting to do a basic hand-sewn denim patch on both of these gigantic holes.

Step 1: Baste stitch the patch around the hole.


Step 2: Sew around the hole and remove the baste stitching.


Step 3: Repeat on the other leg.


Final Product:


So, my repair job hasn’t made these jeans ready to wear outside of the house/yard for any reason whatsoever (this sentence is written specifically for my husband), but they should make it through another year or two of home repairs and yard work.

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