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Souvenirs from Costa Rica

Our first wedding anniversary is this weekend. We aren’t traveling anywhere tropical this year, so I thought I’d revisit our honeymoon in Costa Rica with a few photographs. Some silly, some breathtaking – not only do these bring back fantastic memories, they offer great design inspiration.

Colorful beach chairs by the ocean

{loved this restaurant in Tamarindo. I doubt I’ll live in a tropical area, but I can imagine having something similar at a lake house}

Yellow barstools at a restaurant in Tamarindo

{loved the color + construction of these bar stools}

A kudamundi approaches

{one of dozens of kudamundi we spotted. like endearing raccoon + they inspired one of the photos on the Framed Art Gallery Wall}

Pacific ocean panorama

{panoramic of the pacific}

Rain forest plants up close

{an up close view of some rain forest plants – haven’t a clue what they are}

Flowers in the rain forest

{flowers forgotten by the rain forest canopy}

An alert Costa Rican squirrel

{just a very adorable squirrel}

Costa Rican livestock grazing

{we visited at the cusp of the rainy + dry season, explaining the lithe livestock}

Arenal volcano landscape in Costa Rica

{a beautiful view around the Arenal Volcano region}

Green and purple tile flooring

{colorful tile at a cafe}

Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

{approaching the Arenal Volcano by boat}

Imperial Beer and Kate Spade sunglasses

{very common scenery during this trip}

With the exception of my brief bout of heat exhaustion on our last day (which in retrospect, is now sort of hilarious), we loved every minute in Costa Rica. Can’t wait to go back.

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