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Spring Forward, Fall Back.

Welcome back! I trust that everyone has had an epic summer full of long weekends at the beach, uproarious laughter with dear friends, and lazy afternoons spent sprawled out on a blanket somewhere awesome. The past several months have been deeply eventful for me, some of the time was filled with events like the ones described above and some of the time was not. Either way – life has been beautiful and busy. Though not in the way it normally is, where my days are stuffed to the brim with awesome projects or thrift stores finds that I can’t wait to share with all of you.

I like communicating with others, but I’m known to be a bit reserved or truthfully, quite painfully reserved. So, this blog is a wonderful outlet for me, but life has a way of getting between me and my computer. This is particularly true of the past few months, as I have been focused on a battle in what I would call a very long war. We each have parts of ourselves that we must work on and one of my parts that needs work is my anorexia.

As with all battles (or maybe just some battles, what do I know, I’m not a historian), a point in time exists where a decision must be made. You choose whether to fight day after day depleting your reserves, maybe in hopes that your enemy is going to tire, or you choose to call in reinforcements. This summer, I chose the latter and spent just shy of two months at an inpatient program across the country to work on my anorexia. It was a challenge. And, who knew that coming back home was going to be even more challenging? Probably most anyone who has been through eating disorder treatment.

How I’ve spent 2014 has proven the same lessons to me over and over again: There is something unfathomably beautiful in each day, life is brief, and being anything other than entirely open to the world around you is a waste of scarce and precious time.

That being said, I felt I owed everyone an explanation wanted to tell you where I’ve been and what I’ve learned. Now, I’ll probably start up the blog again and get back to covering all the topics I love; design, travel, real estate, and yes, especially food.

For the support I’ve received, I am forever grateful. For the relationships I’ve forged, I am forever thankful. For the life I’ve reclaimed, I am forever in awe.

I trust that now everyone is settling in to an autumn that promises bonfires, baked goods, and walks in crisp air with afternoon sunlight that magnifies those increasing voids between the changing leaves.

Privacy Window: The Kitchen

The privacy window I made during the bathroom mini-renovation last year (you can see that project here) has held up remarkably well. I worried a bit about peeling issues due to humidity levels inherent to bathrooms. But its stickiness hasn’t changed a bit since the day it was painstakingly applied. And, because we know that privacy and tons of natural light are not mutually exclusive, I decided to use this method again. This time I chose a simpler geometric pattern for a kitchen window that faces my driveway.

Close Up Privacy Window

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A Simple Dry Erase Countdown

Recently, I surprised my husband for this birthday with a trip to Europe this September. I cannot express how happy I am that we each have extra savings accounts – I’ve been putting $10 a week aside for three years and I am so excited to use it for this adventure. Maybe you’re doing the math in your head right now and maybe you’re not, but I’ll make it easy on you and just say that this extra savings account covers our tickets, but not everything else. That’s where this little countdown project comes in. Having a visual representation of our upcoming trip will certainly help my lazy side that thinks as she saunters into kitchen, Cook? Nah, let’s order take-out or I’ll pick up coffee on the way instead decide to brew a pot and take a longer look in the pantry.

Dry Erase Countdown

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Vintage Finds

Happy New Year + a fortnight! Though it’s a bit early to tell, I’m going to go out on a limb and say 2014 is going to be the berries (I’ve been watching a lot of old movies). So far this year, I’ve stuck to my resolution perfectly… it’s just flossing every night no matter how tired I am, so hold the applause. And, even more exciting than flossing, I became a real estate agent. It’s an endeavor I began this past October, which I like to think partially explains the lack of postings here. In any case, I’m excited to share three items I discovered this past week at an estate auction and one of my favorite consignment shops, Phantastic Phinds (PS: You can see an older guest post of mine on their blog.)

My new favorite mug and perhaps the best $.50 I have ever spent.

{hand-thrown tin can style mug}

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The five minute autumn wreath

Whew, it’s been a busy November! Full of new endeavors, like pursuing my real estate license, and new projects both here at home and the mountain house. Due to the long-term nature of these projects (painting the exterior of my house, winterizing the mountain house), I don’t know how many will turn into great blog posts, we’ll just have to wait and see. But, I definitely want to share this incredibly simple and inexpensive semi-DIY holiday wreath.

up close autumn wreath


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Happy Halloween!

For this Halloween, I present to you a most terrifying tale told in photographs (and captions).


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The Garage {before + after}

Our garage needed a little TLC. (Read: it was a hideous monstrosity of an eye sore that taunted me each time I traversed our driveway.) So, over the past few weeks I worked away at it, little by little to make it a better space. I’m really happy with how it turned out – it never ceases to amaze me the difference that paint can make. Here’s how I repaired the windows and gave the garage a face lift for $60.

before after
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